OK . . . But I Only Missed Three Days

And that still leaves the majority of the week, eh? Eh?

Eh . . .

Christina and I have mostly been trying to put this whole Men’s Rights Movement confrontation behind us. The whole thing makes me enormously tired now.

In other news, Christina got to shove a “favor” back into one of our boss’s fat, corrupt face. This man . . . oh this man.

This man, whose English name is Jerry (or Gerry, we’re not exactly sure), is one of the laziest, most corrupt men I have ever met in my life. To give you a taste of what it is like working under him: He never calls, unless he expects you to do something for him; he never updates you on your schedule, your classes, or school events; when told of annoyances that he can very easily change, he tells you with all kinds of sympathy that he will take care of everything–don’t you worry–and then ignores you. He’s getting his PhD right now. And by “getting his PhD” I mean paying someone to attend lectures and write his dissertation for him. Upon completion, Jerr-bear will receive a pay raise. But don’t get too outraged, ’cause that’s standard PhD practice in the ole PRC.

Gotta love China.

So he called us up on Monday afternoon. We, of course, both had class then, not that he would know that (he’s only in charge of scheduling), so he called us again when we got back. He told us about a middle school we were supposed to go to on Tuesday in order to “teach” (read: dance like a monkey for) some students. Christina answered the phone, so she got to tell him that, awww, we just can’t make it ’cause we have class Tuesday afternoons (again, not that he would know). In typical Chinese fashion, he tried to bargain with us. Come after your classes, come on Thursday instead. Finally Christina just told him flat-out no. We don’t like visiting other schools so you can show us off, the kids can’t even understand us, no. It’s in our contract that we’re to participate in any school functions, so if this “visit a middle school” were official, he could have pushed it. He didn’t, because it wasn’t. No doubt he had pawned our presence off to some “friend,” corrupt sack of shit that he is.

Christina was calm throughout the whole thing, explaining to him that we would rather skip this one because the whole situation makes us uncomfortable. He’s lucky I didn’t answer the phone. Profanity would have been involved.