Let’s Get Medieval

Wiki-links, Wiki-links, Wiki-links Challenge!

Alright. Last week’s was a relatively simple one, being only six entries long. But before I give you the answer to that one, I have to cover the one from two weeks ago!

Here’s that one:

2010: Odyssey TwoLucifer – Heaven – Beowulf – Grendel – List of artistic depictions of Grendel – Crispin Glover – Back to the FutureDeLorean DMC-12
Alright, so last week’s answer is:

Tori AmosClavichord – Baroque music – Counterpoint – Canon (music)Johann Pachelbel

Alright, alright, alright.  Onward and upward, as they say … do they say that?  Here’s this week’s challenge:

Troubadour – * – * – * – Lucifer in popular culture – * – * – * – Carnwennan

Happy linking!

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Revenge of the Wiki-links!

Hey, remember these? It’s been a while since I’ve done one. China changed their treatment of Wikipedia around the time the shit hit the fan with Google. I don’t know what’s up, but I can’t see any pictures on Wikipedia and pages take about seven years to load. All that is a tad discouraging when you’re trying to juggle as many as nine open pages.

But enough whining. I thought I’d do a little guy this time. Just a short one, like a traditional Six Degrees of Separation. So here it is:

Tori Amos – * – * – * – * – Johann Pachelbel

Yeah. What do they have in common?

I’m writing this from my email because, as long as it takes Wikipedia to load, it takes WordPress an additional decade. I’ll find my previous Wikilinks Challenge! and figure out the answer tomorrow (It’s five minutes to 11pm and that means time for bed).

Happy linking!

From One SF Classic to Another

Hey there, Wiki-linkers!

The holidays played hell with my schedule and my blogging, but those are over now so let’s get back to what’s important.  Yes: Wiki-links Challenge!

First, the answer for last week:

PharyngulaGermany – Protestant reformation – Excommunication – Anathema – Iconoclasm – Napoleon – AcreAmerican football

As my friend, Travis, pointed out, there are probably a million different ways of doing this one, especially if you skip my middle milepost.  With that in mind, I tried to make this one a little narrower.  Eh, we’ll see if I keep that up.

2010: Odyssey Two – * – * – * – Grendel – * – * – * – DeLorean DMC-12

Embryos and an American Institution

It’s that time again: time to scour Wikipedia in all its interrelated glory.  The first person to reply with the solution was my friend, Will.  He did so via Facebook, so if you’re on my blog site you can’t see his answer.

Anywho, the solution is thus (you’ll need to highlight it in order to see; I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who still wanted to try):

Night vision – Tapetum lucidum – Domestic sheep – Sheepdog trial – Babe (film) – Cat – List of Fictional Cats – Schrodinger’s Cat – Copenhagen Interpretation

This week, Christina helped me think of the first topic.  The rest . . . was magic.

Pharyngula – * – * – * – Anathema – * – * – * – American football

I provided the middle one as a hint if you want it.  Just highlight over the center.  Gooood luck and . . .

Happy linking!


So I was reading about night vision the other day on Wikipedia, when I suddenly found myself reading the synopsis of Babe.  Then, as I finished the description of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, I wondered where the hell my day went.

But all was not for naught!  For it was then that I realized I had developed a new game for all the world to enjoy, based on the awesomeness of Wikipedia.  And this game I shall call (drum-roll, curtain):


Here’s how I see it working:  There are two variants, Wiki-links Challenge! and Six Degrees of Wiki-links.

In Wiki-links Challenge!, a challenger provides Wiki-linkers with the beginning and final topics, along with a set number of steps (standard: nine) until the final topic must be reached.  A complete list of limiting factors for a link-path can be found on the Wiki-links Challenge! page I have added to this website.

Six Degrees of Wiki-links can be played with two or more people.  The rules are basically the same as Six Degrees of Separation, bearing in mind the limiting factors in creating a link-path.  Players take turns challenging each other to link any two topics by following links on Wikipedia.

Ever Friday, I plan to add a new Wiki-links Challenge!  The first person to correctly discover the answer will win . . . I dunno . . . my undying respect (what do you want from me?).

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell me if you come up with any good challenges.  If you guess the answer, leave a comment.  Let’s see if we can’t create ourselves an internet meme!

Your first challenge shall be the one that started it all:

Night vision – * – * – * – Babe (film) – * – * – * – Copenhagen interpretation

Happy linking!