The Forbidden City

I got my Forbidden City pictures up on my Snapfish. That’ll stand in for my Pic o’ the Week. As always, you can see them here, room code:


Hope that works. . . .


More Beijing

Hey, folks. Missed a week and a half . . . that’s my bad, but I have been writing things, so I’ll be making up for a little lost time. I’ve also discovered the joys of photo stitching and am finishing up going through all the pictures I took in Beijing. So. This Pic o’ the Week is actually a double-Pic. I give you:

150 panorama.jpg

The city that is forbidden!

Or rather, the entrance courtyard to said city. Or something like that. There were lots of buildings. That’s one of them. Obviously, I’m still learning how exactly to best stitch these things together . . . as evidenced by the gentlemen in the foreground, whose other half (and I don’t mean his wife) seems to be lost in another dimension.

Here’s the view from the other direction:

158 panorama.jpg

It’s . . . it’s big.

Assuming all goes well, I’ll have the pictures (which I really should have finished weeks ago) on my Snapfish before Christina and I start our traveling on Tuesday.