Christina and I Have a Baby!

Oh you just wouldn’t believe it!  But we thought it was time and, you know, when you see it, you’ll think “Oh that’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Yes . . . I said “it.”  Because Christina and I are not insane, we’re just very opinionated.

Our “baby” (and Christina was the first one to use that word) is a blog that we have created together, called Rational Reposte. We created the blog because, as Christina put it, we “have been devouring books and way more news than is healthy for any person. Instead of shaking our fists and bellowing to each other about the looney bin world, so full of irrational fundamentalist believers and sputtering social conservatives, we’ve created Rational Reposte.”

Thus, Rational Reposte serves two functions:  It is our sanctuary from the insanity of life in the twenty-first century as well as our response to those things which we think are particularly insane.  Those responses will more often than not deal with feminism, religion, and politics, in that we are both feminists, both exceedingly nonreligious, and just a dash liberal (though if you read this blog with any regularity, you already knew that).

We do hope you will join us in our sanctuary, even if you don’t agree with us.  Democracy and plurality of voices and all that crap.  In addition to us, there will be a few other writers contributing.  All in all, we hope you like it.

And don’t be afraid to comment, dammit!